Summer safety tips.

Ref:MCKV/16-17/488     20/04/16

Dear Parents,
With the increased humidity in the city over the last few days, here are a few general summer safety tips.
There are two conditions we should avoid during the summer months: dehydration and heat stroke. Both conditions could have serious consequences if not avoided or given proper medical attention instantly.  Remember that very high temperatures may cause a climb in body temperature (40+ degrees Centigrade or 104º F+) and when cooling mechanisms are unable to lower the body’s temperature, heat stroke and dehydration may occur. The body has mechanisms to cool off extreme heat, but we have to help our body by hydrating it constantly and avoiding circumstances that dehydrate us.

  • Make sure your child eats healthy. Give your child healthy snacks. Vegetables such as carrots, celery, or cucumbers and/or fruit such as apples, pears, or berries are highly recommended.
  • Make sure your child is drinking lots of water.  Water is excellent to keep your child hydrated.
  • Make sure your child goes to bed on time every night.  Schedule a bedtime and keep to it.  This will ensure your child is getting adequate amounts of sleepSufficient amount of sleep promote healthy physical and mental development.

Stay indoors in well-ventilated rooms as much as possible. Drink a lot of water for the duration of the day (more than expected), and don’t wait until your throat is parched. Avoid drinks with caffeine or a lot of sugar as they can bring about lack of hydration. If you have to be outside, try to rest periodically in shady areas. Once back inside, take a cool shower or bath to bring the body temperature down. Dress in light-shaded, loose clothes and think about wearing a cap. Also, sun screen lotions are recommended. Use sunscreen lotion to cover your exposed parts like hands and legs. Applying sunscreen lotion can save you from getting a two-tone skin texture on you. Heat, dust and excessive exposure to sun can damage the skin.

If there are symptoms of dehydration, Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) or consumables like Electral and Gaforade that restore electrolyte balance are recommended. ORS and Electral are available in sachets in all pharmacies.

Please look upon these guidelines as well-intentioned tips and not as medical advice for which a qualified physician should be consulted.