Principal's Message


India’s potential to become an economic powerhouse and major international player is universally recognized. This potential can be realized only if quality education, especially at the primary and secondary levels, is made accessible to everyone in the country. A first rate institution like the M. C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth has been playing a vital role in this regard, not only by setting high standards in every area of its functioning, but also by carrying out a social responsibility which should be our country’s first and foremost priority. I am indeed honoured and proud to be associated with this remarkable institution.
What makes MCKV unique and a trend-setter is its belief that a school should be a centre of learning in the widest possible sense. Its larger curriculum, therefore, includes, in addition to a strong academic programme, a variety of scholastic and non-scholastic activities designed to address the vital areas of an individual’s progress and development: intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual, and social.
We thank you for your interest in our school, and look forward to taking our relationship with you forward.

-Mr. Neelkantha Gupta