Activities done in the Junior School in the month of April 2017

Earth Day- In  this  modern  era , concerns  about  environmental  degradation  and  climatic  change  is  at  its  peak. Actions  speak   louder  than  words  and  the  little  ones  are  the real  harbingers  of  change. The Junior Department celebrated Earth Day on 21 April, 2017 to understand the importance of Mother Earth. .To create awareness among the tiny tots to care for and preserve the earth, many activities were scheduled for the day.  A rally was organized by the KG teachers with children chanting slogans and moving around the School campus with posters. Nursery children had an activity of leaf printing and fingertips printing on a chart paper. Montessori students had done cotton dabbing on an outline of a tree.

  As this   year the  theme  of  Earth  Day  was  ‘Climate Literacy’ the  students  of  Classes  1  and  2  had  Pledge  writing activity on  how  to  save  the  resources. The  students  of  Class  3  were  told  to sketch on the theme-  ‘Create  your  own  Earth’ – ( imagine , draw  and  colour )  and  the  students  of  class  4 had  Slogan  writing  and  Poster  making activities. Children  were  very   enthusiastic  and  they  all  promised  to  save  their  Mother  Earth. The  teachers  taught  them  the  3  R’s – Reduce , Reuse  and  Recycle. They  also  explained  them  that  by  following  these  little  steps  we  can  make   a  change. So,   let  reduce , reuse  and  recycle  be  the  mantra  of  the  age.

Technology Week

In order to spread awareness of technology, the week from 24.04.2017 to 28.04.2017 was celebrated as Technology Week. The concept of technology was introduced to the tiny tots of KG. Keeping in mind the fact that children should begin learning keyboard skills at a young age, keyboards were provided to each section. The teachers taught them to identify and use the alphabet and number keys. Children were taken to the Computer lab and briefed about the basic computer components. It was a wonderful experience for the Kg kids. The Computer Department sensitized the students in the primary level by preparing a PPT presentation for Classes I-IV. Teachers through the presentation briefed up the children about the dos and don’ts of using technology.

Red Day Celebration

The Montessori and Nursery children of MCKV celebrated ‘Red Day’ on Thursday, 27 April 2017.The colour theme for all classes was red. Children had dressed up in red attire and had brought red colored objects. Montessori teachers discussed the theme during the Circle Time and the Nursery kids introduced the colour by means of Show and Tell activity with the objects brought by the children. The teachers decorated the soft board with the theme being red. The children enjoyed the activity with immense enthusiasm.