Activities done in the Junior School in the months of August and September 2017

Friendship Day Celebration

Friendship Day was celebrated by the Pre-Primary kids on 04.08.2017 in order to teach the children, bonds of friendship. The kids had different craft activities signifying the importance of the day.   

Rakshabandhan Celebration

Raksha Bandhan was celebrated by the kids on 8 August 2017.It was a delightful celebration for the children as they learned about the bond of love between brothers and sisters and foster the feeling of sharing and caring.. The day was full of fun and frolic. The children were given a packet of biscuits on this auspicious occasion. Such celebrations mark the bond of love among students.

Independence Day and Janmasthami celebration

The 71 st Independence Day and Janmashtami celebration were held with great enthusiasm at our School on 16 August, 2017 in the Malay Manch. Children were dressed up in white pyjama and kurtas.  To mark the celebrations, an assemblage of events took place ranging from patriotic songs to dances. To express the patriotic spirit and love for our nation, the children sang a patriotic song. The tiny- tots also presented a wonderful dance performance.  On the occasion of the Independence Day, the children of Nursery and KG had an activity of ‘face painting’.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated in the Pre-Primary wing on 25.08.2017. The kids watched the movie ‘Bal Ganesha’. On this auspicious occasion, the children also observed ‘Orange Day’. The kids came in orange coloured attire. They had an activity with ‘play dough’. The Montessori kids were shown different orange coloured objects. The children were served mouth-watering ‘ladoos’.

The Educational Trip

The educational trip for the Pre-Primary classes was organized in the month of September. The main purpose of the visit was to sensitize the children with the processes of purchasing, biling and so on. The Montessori kids were taken to the nearby departmental store-The Big Bazar and the Nursery and Kindergarten kids to the Spencer’s Hyper Mart. The teachers briefed the children about the various sections of the departmental store. The KG children enthusiastically drew pictures of whatever they had observed at the store. The excitement of the children was enhanced when they were handed over a packet of gift items they had picked up while observing the store under the guidance of their respective class teachers