Activities done in the Pre-Primary Department in the months of April, May and June

The Bengali New Year Celebration

The Bengali New Year was celebrated in the Pre- Primary wing on 13.04.2018. The first activity of the new session started with the celebration of the Bengali New Year. A festive mood pervaded the air of the Pre-Primary wing. The children of Pre-Nursery, Nursery and KG came in white kurta pyjamas. They listened to the Bengali song ‘Esho hey Baisakh’. The teachers showed a power point presentation on Kolkata. The day ended with the distribution of sweets among the children.

The Earth Day Celebration

The Pre-primary wing of the School observed Earth Day on 23 April, 2018 in order to create an environmental awareness. To create awareness among the little ones, banners like ‘Save Water’, ‘Plant More Trees’ and ‘Save Electricity’ were displayed. The terms ‘Reduce’, ‘Reuse’ and ‘Recycle’ to save the planet was explained to the children. The children sang songs related to the Earth Day along with the teachers.

The Technology Awareness Week

In order to create awareness about technology, the week from 24.04.2018 to 28.04.2018 was celebrated as ‘Technology Week’. The children visited the computer room for the first time and had a wonderful experience. The kids were introduced to the different parts of the computer.

The Red Day Celebration

In order to introduce the concept of red colour to the tiny toddlers of Pre-Nursery, ‘Red Day’ was celebrated on Friday, 27 April 2018. The students were made to recognize red colour through various games and play-way activities. The teachers demonstrated red coloured objects in the circle time.The teachers displayed red colour objects on the soft boards. The children enjoyed the activity done in the class and were able to identify the red colour.

The ‘Shapes Day’

On 07.05.2018, KG teachers had an activity based teaching on shapes. The teachers taught shapes with handmade cut outs of different shapes and geo-board from Maths lab. This activity helps in child’s cognitive development. The children identified objects with different shapes.

The Yellow Day Celebration

On Friday, 11 May the Yellow Day was observed in the Pre –Nursery classes. Children came to the school dressed in yellow attires. The classrooms were beautifully decorated with yellow coloured objects brought by the children. The kids were told to name the objects they had brought.

Mother’s Day Celebration

On 11 May, Mother’s Day was celebrated in the Pre-Primary wing. To help tiny tots strengthen the bond with their mothers. The teachers helped the kids in preparing beautiful craft work with a message on it for their mothers.

The Summer Party

To beat the blazing sun and the scorching heat, 11 May was marked as the ‘Health Drinks Day’ in the Pre Primary wing. Kids enjoyed the refreshing drink they had prepared under the teachers’ guidance. This activity was conducted to enhance the sensorial experience of the children. The refreshing drinks were served to all the teaching and administrative staffs and also to our security guards by our kids.