Activities in the months of October to December 2016

Durga Puja Celebration
Durga Puja party was celebrated in the Pre-Primary Wing on 05.10.2016.The children were asked to come in coloured dresses. They had a lot of fun preparing craft items with the help of the teachers. Table manners were also taught in the class.

Diwali Celebration
Toddlers of MCKV celebrated Diwali with devotion, enthusiasm and excitement. The celebration started with a cleaning activity. The children of Montessori, Nursery and Kindergarten cleaned up their classrooms. The teachers narrated stories about the significance of celebrating the festival.  Children were very happy as they returned home with Diwali craft items made by them.

Dry Fruits Day
In order to teach the children about dry fruits, the teachers of Pre-Primary observed 26th October 2016 as Dry Fruits Day. Children of the Pre-Primary Wing were asked to bring dry fruits .The teachers assembled a variety of dry fruits and taught their. The children formed patterns with the dry fruits.

Brown Day
Brown Day was observed by the Pre-Primary Wing in the month of October. The teachers showed various brown coloured objects. Each and every student was served with slice of brown bread with a spread of chocolate syrup. Children enjoyed every bite. A few worksheets to make the children aware of the colour were done by the kids.

Pink Day
 Pink Day was observed on 29.11.2016 in the Pre-Primary Wing. The Montessori kids practised a craft activity called ‘Tearing and Pasting’ using pink coloured paper. Nursery children had done ‘Vegetable Printing’ with onions and lady’s fingers, and the KG children made a collage with pink coloured handmade paper.

      Winter Day Celebration
Winter Day was celebrated in the Pre-primary Wing on 20.12.2016.The teachers brought winter garments and showed them in the class.         The teachers also showed the children winter season fruits and vegetables. Later hot soup was served to the Pre-Primary children.

Christmas Celebration
On 23rd December 2016, the Pre-Primary Wing celebrated Christmas. It was fun and laughter for the tiny tots when they entered the Malay Manch to celebrate Christmas. The kids had come in red coloured attire. Our Pre-Primary children performed a short skit on the significance of celebrating Christmas. They sang Christmas carols. The happy carols filled  the air.

The Children were spell-bound to see the Santa with a bag of chocolates. In the class, they had craft activities. Nursery children made stockings with velvet paper. The Montessori children prepared Christmas caps with red velvet paper, and the KG children built a snow man. Christmas parties were held in each and every classroom. A delicious Christmas cake was bought for the Montessori kids. Children were taken to the Reception to see the Christmas decorations.