Activities in the Pre-Primary Wing (for the month of August 2016)


Friendship Day was celebrated by the Pre-Primary Wing of MCKV on 8 August 2016 in order to inculcate in the children bonds of Friendship. Our Kindergarten students had a Class project on ‘Fingertips Printing’. They tied friendship bands on the wrist of their classmates. The children of Nursery prepared a craft item which was then displayed in the class. The children of Montessori made a friendship wreath on chart paper by ‘palm printing’. The teachers talked about the importance of having good friends and treating them with love and affection. The teachers showed videos related to the theme.


On 8 August 2016, Orange Day was celebrated with zest. Orange is a dynamic colour and stimulates imagination and creativity. Our little kids were dressed in shades of orange, shining brightly. The children were asked to bring orange coloured objects in the class on that day. The classrooms were beautifully decorated with orange coloured objects, ribbons and soft toys. The children had a ‘Show and Tell’ activity related to this colour. The children of Nursery and Kindergarten displayed the objects in the class and spoke a few sentences about the object they had brought. The teachers of Montessori taught the names of the objects the children had brought. Students were given a thorough understanding of the colour orange through different activities.


The 70th Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the Pre-Primary wing on 16 August 2016 in the School auditorium. To mark the celebrations, an assemblage of events took place ranging from patriotic songs to dances. The kids were dressed up in white Kurta-pyjama. To instil the patriotic fervour and love for our nation, the children of Pre-Primary had put up a skit. The tiny tots of the MCKV danced in harmony to the tunes of the patriotic song which aroused a feeling of nationalism among us. The students of Pre-Primary were filled with patriotism and love for the country. On this auspicious occasion, the children of Nursery had a group activity. They prepared National Flags by tearing and pasting marble paper. The Montessori and Kindergarten kids had a few activities like face painting and palm printing.


Raksha Bandhan was celebrated to usher in the true spirit of  Universal Brotherhood with Agrasain Balika Siksha Sadan. 20 girls from ABSS along with their teachers visited our school on 19 August 2016. Our School organised this special event to educate students of our school about the significance of this festival.The girls of ABSS tied Rakhi on the wrist of the tiny tots of our School, who in turn offered gifts for a new eternal bond of love between brother and sister. The students of our school were explained the importance of the festival which strengthens the ties between brothers and sisters and also between two Schools. The children were familiarised with the customs and rituals followed on Raksha Bandhan.. The day was full of fun and frolic. Such celebrations mark the bond of love among students


The Pre-Primary Wing celebrated Janmashtami with great fervour and gaiety on 26 August 2016. To remember the day, a story of Lord Krishna was narrated by the teachers with the help of puppets. The Junior Choir sang a melodious bhajan on Janmasthami.At the end of the programme there was pot breaking activity which the students thoroughly enjoyed. The children prepared ‘Head-gears’ with peacock feathers on it. They wore it on their way back home. The tiny tots resembled ‘Lord Krishna’. The children of Montessori were served ‘Makhan Mishri’ as a favourite food item of Lord Krishna.. It was a joyous moment for the children going back home delighted carrying the craft items they made in the class.