Activities in the Pre-Primary Wing (for the months of June & July 2016)


Father’s Day
Father’s Day celebration in the Pre-Primary wing was held on 20.06.2016. Students of Montessori and Nursery prepared beautiful craft items for their fathers. Through this activity, the students were able to realize the father’s role in life.


International Yoga Day
International Yoga Day was observed in the Pre-Primary wing on 21.06.2016 to instil in the little ones the healthy habit of practicing yoga. Our yoga teacher, Arijit Sir demonstrated some yoga postures to the children.  The tiny tots of Pre-Primary actively participated in this programme.


Mock Market
A  Mock Vegetable Market was organized on 23.06.2016 on the school premises. The children of Montessori, Nursery and KG visited the mock market. The children had the experience of buying and selling. Vegetable stalls were arranged. Our support staff enthusiastically played the role of vegetable sellers. The students of the pre-primary wing got an opportunity to experience a market scenario. The teachers showed a lot of enthusiasm in explaining the names and the colour of the vegetables.


Rain Dance Party

A Rain Dance Party was organised for the pre-primary wing on the Tuesday, 28 June, 2016. The purpose of this event, held especially for the pre-primary section, was to introduce the tiny-tots to the monsoon season and the role that it plays in sustaining life. The school had installed sprinklers to produce artificial rain so as to give the kids a real feel of the monsoon. They experienced the joy of splashing about in the puddles, having fun in the rain while staying protected from the rains in their raincoats and umbrellas. The children enjoyed the dance. At the end of dance, the kids enjoyed delicious ‘Pakodas’ and a comforting drink of Hot Chocolate prepared in our School canteen.

            Blue Day was also observed in the Pre- Primary section on this day. This was done to make the kids aware of the colour Blue. Children were asked to come in blue coloured dress. They were also asked to bring a blue coloured object with them. Activities related to the blue colour were organised in the Pre primary wing. It was a fun filled day for the children.


Doctor’s Day
Doctor’s Day was celebrated in the Pre-Primary wing on the 1st July. On the occasion of Doctor's Day, our kids along with the teachers expressed our gratitude to the Doctors for always being there for us and for serving us with happiness and care. The kids of the Nursery and KG were taken to the ‘MCKV Health Center’. For the kids of Montessori a teacher dressed up as a ‘Doctor’ and explained the usage of different things in the First Aid box. Children were also shown a video on Doctor’s Day.


Van Mohatsav Celebration:
Van Mahotsav was celebrated in the Pre-Primary wing on 12.07.2016. Montessori children sowed seeds in trays full of mud. They developed their tactile sense of touching the mud. They watered the seeds. The teachers briefed them about the germination of seeds. Nursery children planted saplings in pots. KG children went out for a ‘Nature Walk’ with banners prepared by the children along with the teachers’ assistance. The children even tied ribbons to the trees symbolizing that ‘Trees Are Our Friends’.  A power point presentation on ‘Save Trees’ was shown to the children. This day was also celebrated as ‘Green Day’ .Children came in green colored attire.