MCKV Reading Challenge 2018.

Notice: MCKV/18-19/686                                                     20/09/18

Subject: MCKV Reading Challenge 2018.

Dear Parents,

In order to develop the habit of reading in our children, our school has initiated the MCKV Reading Challenge programme. To begin with, the programme will be implemented in Classes 2, 3 and 4 from 24/09/18.

How the programme will work:

  • The school will issue one story book each to all the students.
  • Each student will take his book home, read it every day, complete it within two weeks, and return it to the school.
  • The programme will be for a period of two months within which each student will complete reading 4 story books.

The Parents’ responsibility:

  • The parents must ensure that their children read their Reading Challenge books everyday, take good care of the books, and return them on time.
  • In case a book is damaged or lost, the parents will have to take the responsibility of replacing it.

Post reading activities:

  • Competitions and literary activities like Dramatization, Quiz, Story Telling, etc., will be held to enhance and evaluate the children’s understanding and appreciation of the books they have read in the Reading Challenge programme.

Looking forward to your support.