Online Fees Payment

MC Kejriwal Vidyapeeth is glad to announce the starting of Online Fees Payment.

Parents can now pay the school fees of their children conveniently from their home using the steps below - 

  1. Click here to login to the School Portal 

  2. Click on the Fees section and you would get a list of due fees. Choose the month for which you want to pay the fees. Please note that you cannot skip months and need to pay your fees in correct order.

    After choosing the months please click on the Pay Online button and you would be taken to the Payment Gateway page.
  3. Please verify the payment amount and choose the payment method only from one of Net Banking, Credit Card and Debit Card. Please do not choose any other payment method except these three. We recommend choosing Net Banking as it is the most cost effective.

    Debit Card Charges 0.25% for less than 1K spend, 0.50% for more than 1K but less than 2K spend and 1.00% for more than 2K spend. Credit Card charges 1.25%, Net Banking charges Rs 18/- All these commercials will be borne by the parents/students/payees.
    Follow the instruction of the payment gateway and continue.

  4. Once your payment is successful you would be taken to an acknowledgement page. Please keep a note of the transaction details in case of a dispute. You can save the screenshot of the page or you can also print and save the page as PDF. Keep the details handy in case of a dispute.

We hope that this online payment method would be convenient for the parents and would save them a lot of time.