Pre-Primary activities done in the months of July, August & September 2018

Father’s Day
Father’s Day was observed on 18.06.2018. The Pre-Nursery children prepared wonderful craft items with the help of the teachers for their fathers. The Nursery and KG children were explained the role of their fathers in their lives.

Green Day
‘Green Day’ was organized for the children of Pre-Nursery on 29 June to make them aware of the significance of the green colour. The classes were beautifully decorated with green coloured objects like balloons, cutouts of fruits, vegetables, toys etc.

Doctor’s Day
Doctor’s Day was observed in the Pre-Primary wing on 02.07.2018. On this occasion, we expressed our gratitude to the doctors for taking care of us when we fall sick. The kids of Nursery and KG prepared a handmade card with the assistance of the teachers for the doctors of MCKV Health Centre.

VanMahotsav Celebration
Van Mahotsav was observed on 05.07.2018 and 06.07.2018.The Pre-Nursery children sowed and watered the seeds with the help of their teachers.  The teachers briefed them about the germination of seeds. The children were shown how saplings are planted in the pots. They were taken out for ‘Nature Walk’. The teachers explained the different parts of a  plant .The children touched and felt the plants. They watered the plants with the help of sprinklers. The KG children had an activity called‘cotton dabbing printing’.

Monsoon Mania
The Pre-Primary wing celebrated the arrival of monsoon on 25.07.2018. Blue day was also observed to make the kids aware of the blue colour.  The teachers demonstrated the items used in the rainy season. The children had various activities to make them aware of this season. The excitement of the kids was unbelievable when they were served hot pakoras and hot chocolate shake.

Water Sensory Activities
Activities to make learning interesting and effective were carried through a  water sensory method. An artificial pool with toy water animals immersed in it, was arranged in the Atrium area. The objective of this activity was to develop their senses. The children were very excited to touch and feel the water animals. They splashed the water with their hands. They also sailed paper boats in the water. Activities like pouring water from the jug in the glass, squeezing a sponge, bathing dolls were also arranged in order to develop fine motor control and increase concentration levels of the kids. Experiments to show the importance of water were demonstrated by the teachers.

Fruity Fruit Day
On 18 July our Pre-Nursery kids observed the ‘Fruity Fruit Day’. The Pre-Nursery kids touched and felt the different kinds of fruits displayed on the teacher’s desk. After briefing the children about each fruit, the teachers prepared fruit salad and served it to the kids.

Friendship Day
In order to teach our kids about having good friends, the teachers organized activities to   celebrate the Friendship Day. They narrated various stories aimed at developing their social skills. The children took part in various craft activities which focused on the importance of having good friends.

Independence Day Celebration
The 72nd Independence Day was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm by the Pre-Primary Department on 13 August, 2018 in the School auditorium. To mark the occasion, several events ranging from patriotic songs to dances, were arranged. The celebrations began with a patriotic song. The tiny tots of Pre-Primary enthralled the audience with vibrant dance performances. To instil patriotic sentiments and love for our nation, the children put up a skit emphasizing the need to inculcate the spirit of patriotism. The children enthusiastically participated in various craft activities like preparing the national flag, tricolour wrist band and so on.

Orange Day
On 24 August, the little kids of Pre-Nursery were dressed in shades of orange to observe  Orange Day. Each child was asked to bring an orange coloured object in the class.The classrooms were beautifully decorated with orange coloured objects, ribbons and soft toys. The teachers taught the names of the objects to the children. The students were given a thorough understanding of the orange colour through different activities.

There was a delightful celebration of Raksha Bandhan in our Pre-primary wing. The children learned about the bond of love between brothers and sisters and the occasion fostered a feeling of sharing and caring. On Friday, 24 August, some teachers of Agrasain Balika Shiksha Sadan along with 20 students visited our school to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. The girls of ABSS tied Rakhis on the wrist of the KG children of our school, who in turn offered sweets, thereby creating an eternal bond of holy love between brothers and sisters. Children were familiarized with the customs and rituals followed on Raksha Bandhan. The day was full of fun and frolic.

Janmashtami was celebrated with great fervour and gaiety on 04.09.2018. The children, dressed in kurta pyjamas, looked bright and colourful. A cultural programme was presented by the children. Our children enthralled the audience with their beautiful bhajans and dance performances .The children presented a skit and won the heart of the audience by depicting some events from Lord Krishna’s life. The teachers explained the importance of the festival to the students. At the end of the day, they were served ‘Makhan Mishri’ to mark the sweet ending of the entire celebration.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy
The children of the Pre-Primary wing were made aware of developing healthy food habits by showing them charts of food healthy and unhealthy. The children were explained the importance of a balanced diet and the ill-effects of junk food. The teachers encouraged the children to say ‘NO TO JUNK FOOD’.

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