Pre-Primary activities in April, May, June & July 2019

Bengali New Year 
Bengali New Year was celebrated on 12 April 2019. On this day, the children of Nursery and KG came in white kurta pyjama. The day ended with the distribution of sweets among the children. 

Earth Day 
Earth Day was observed on 22 April 2019 to make the children aware of the importance of preserving the Earth. Many activities were scheduled for the day. The teachers explained the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle which are essential for each one of us to know in order to protect our environment from degradation.

Red Day 
In order to introduce the colour red to the children of Pre-Nursery, ‘Red Day’ was observed on Friday, 26 April 2019. The students were made to recognize the colour red through various games and play-way activities. These activities aim to develop the fine motor skills of the children. They participated in these activities enthusiastically.

Summer Party
To beat the heat in the scorching summer, the teachers of Pre-Primary organized a party with refreshing drinks on 10 May 2019.The teachers demonstrated the procedure of making refreshing drinks and the children participated with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal. 

Yellow Day 
‘Yellow Day’ was observed on 10 May 2019. Children came to the school dressed in yellow attire. The Pre-Nursery classes were beautifully decorated with the cut outs of yellow coloured objects. 

Mother’s Day 
The tiny tots of MCKV celebrated Mother’s Day on 10 May 2019 with great zeal and enthusiasm. The children took the handmade craft items for their mothers in order to show their love and gratitude towards them.

Father’s Day
Father’s Day was celebrated in the Pre-Primary wing on 19June 2019. Through this celebration, the children were able to realize the role of fathers and their importance in their lives. 

International Yoga Day 
The International Yoga Day was observed in the Pre-Primary wing on 21 June 2019. To emphasize the value of practicing yoga, some asanas were demonstrated to the children who were also briefed about the benefits of yoga.

Fruity Fruit Day 
On 29 June 2019 the Pre Primary wing observed ‘Fruity Fruit Day’. Different kinds of fruits were displayed in the classes. The children touched and felt the different kinds of fruits displayed on the teacher’s desk.

Doctor’s Day 
Doctor’s Day was observed in the Pre-Primary wing on 1 July 2019. On this occasion, we expressed our gratitude to the doctors for taking care of us when we fall sick. The children prepared a card with the assistance of the teachers for the doctors of MCKV Health Centre.

Van Mahotsav Celebration 
Van Mahotsav was observed on 02.07.2019 and 05.07.2019.The children sowed and watered the seeds with the help of their teachers.  They were explained the process of germination and shown how saplings are planted in the pots. The children went for a ‘Nature Walk’. They touched, felt and watered the plants with the help of sprinklers

Monsoon Mania
To make the children aware of monsoon, the teachers demonstrated the items used in the rainy season. The excitement of the children was unbelievable when they were served hot pakoras and hot chocolate shake. 

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