Provisional Admission to Class XI

                                                                             ADMISSION NOTICE
                                                 Provisional Admission to Class XI   Session: 2018 – 2019

Criteria for Admission:-

  1. List of selected candidates for provisional admission will be put up on 26th March, 2018.
  2. Students must qualify in the English + 4 subjects criteria in the Pre – Board Examination II. Passing in English is compulsory.
  3. The streams on offer are Science, Commerce and Humanities.
  4. The following subject options are available –




  • English
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology / Computer Science
  • English
  • Maths / Business Studies
  • Economics / Computer Science
  • Accountancy
  • Commerce
  • 2nd Language/ Physical Education
  • English
  • History / Maths
  • Political Science
  • Geography
  • Economics / Computer
  • 2nd Language/ Physical Education

5.Science students will have to opt for English along with any other 4 subjects. Commerce and Humanities students will have to opt for English along with any other 5 subjects.

6. The cut – off percentage for Science will be 65% in aggregate (Eng + any 4 subjects) in the Pre – Board Examination II, with an average of 60% in Science and Maths. 

7. A student securing less than 65% in aggregate in the Pre – Board Examination II will be offered the Commerce Stream / Humanities (Eng + any 4 subjects).  

8.A student with a minimum of 40% in Maths in the Pre – Board Examination II will be placed in the Commerce Stream with Maths. Students with less than 40% in Maths in the Pre- Board Examination II will be  placed in the Commerce Stream with Business Studies. 

9.Selected Students for Science Stream can opt for Commerce or Humanities if they wish. 

10.Students will be offered Physical Education / Humanities provided a minimum number of

     10 students apply for the same.

11.Students offered Commerce Stream but who wants to opt for Science Stream can do so only

     after the ICSE results at the discretion of the higher authorities. 

12.Class XI commences from 9th April, 2018. 

                                          INFORMATION ON ADMISSION 2018- 2019

schedule for CLASS XI registration  for the session 2018-19

Distribution of Medical Form & Confirmation Slip at our School Reception:

From 27th March, 2018
29th March, 2018
(From 9.00am to 2.00pm).

Submission of Medical Form along with other documents and Photographs for the Identity Card:

2nd  April, 2018 to 4th April, 2018
(From 9.30am to 1.00 pm).









                                     INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROVISIONAL ADMISSION

  • Provisional Admission List to be put up on 26th March, 2018 at 2.00pm.  
  • Produce the ICSE admit card and collect the Medical Form, Confirmation Slip and the Acknowledgement Card mentioning the date and time for admission, from the School Reception from 27th March, 2018 (Tuesday) to 29th  March, 2018 (Thursday) from 9.00am to 2.00pm.
  • Submission of Medical Form along with other documents will be from 2nd April, 2018(Monday) to 4th April, 2018(Wednesday) from 09.30am to 1.00pm.
  • When submitting the Medical Form, the following documents in original and self-attested photocopies thereof must be submitted. Originals will be returned after verification.
  1. Latest blood group and blood glucose (fasting and post prandial) reports.
  2. Self-attested photocopy of the Pre – Board Examination II.
  3. Self-attested photocopy of the Admit Card of the last board exam.
  4. Self –attested photocopy of the Aadhar Card ( 2 copies)
  • Students have to bring Rs.42,900/- (for Commerce) and 43,100/- (for Science) in cash / Demand Draft drawn in favour of  M. C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth, payable at Howrah / Kolkata for Admission Fees.
  • Students have to bring Rs.7500/- approx. in cash for Stationery, Uniform & Shoes which need to be paid for separately.
  • Students must be accompanied by any one parent on the day of submission of documents and for signing of the Agreement Form.
  • Students must be dressed in their school uniform. Parents also need to be dressed appropriately for the occasion.
  • Change of address and contact number to be informed to the school in writing after admission procedure is over.
  • It is compulsory to fill all the fields in the Medical Form. In case something is not applicable – specify N.A., in the field.
  • No overwriting is allowed on the Medical Form.
  • The Medical Form must not be folded.