Chairman's Message


As I survey MCKV’s evolution over the last fifteen years, I cannot but feel a sense of fulfilment and contentment at the manner in which the school has flourished. There it was – a tiny seed sown in the fertile soil of our ancient civilization, and here it is, today, a robust young tree that has sent its roots in many directions to procure sustenance not only for its own health but also for the enlightenment of the thousands of young minds that take shelter under the shade of its comforting boughs.
MCKV’s journey from infancy to maturity has not been easy. An educational institution, as a key social unit, is always affected by, and reflects, social change. India, as we all know, is in the throes of change, some of it good and some it bad, and is constantly posing challenges that we sometimes struggle to meet. Add to this, the spiralling cost index which, for an unaided private institution like ours – entirely dependant on the fees paid by the students – thwarts many of the plans we make for the growth, development and welfare of our children. Despite all the challenges, we have been able to grow, expand, move ahead, add to the infrastructure, and have constantly raised standards to become a reputed boys’ school known for its excellence not only in Howrah, but also, across the river, in Kolkata.
In addition to the excellent Board exam results that our students routinely produce, and which bear testimony to our high academic standards, the school has been regularly recognized for its achievements in other areas. To name a few: the British Council International School Award, membership of the International Boys’ School Coalition (we are the second school in India/South Asia after The Doon School, Dehra Dun, to have been granted membership of this prestigious association), The Telegraph Awards for Excellence in Schools, noteworthy performances in well-known inter-school events like the Limca Quiz, the All-India Frank Anthony Memorial Inter-School Debate, the Andrew Yule Inter-School Elocution Contest, and so on. Some of our children have also been found good enough to be included in district- and state-level volleyball, basketball and swimming teams.
MCKV’s young age belies its wisdom and many successes which I can only attribute to our philosophy of blending traditional values with progressive thought, and the hard work put in by our dedicated educators. Our parents, who are our partners in progress, and with whom we believe in working closely, have always been supportive and encouraging in all our endeavours. I thank you taking an interest in our school, and hope this interest will translate into a long and fruitful relationship.

-Shri. S.S. Kejriwal