School Captain

SESSION – 2019 – 2020

“M.C.KEJRIWAL VIDYAPEETH has forever been characterized as a progressive and innovative institution. The motto of the school has always been to mould students into successful future citizens of our country. The school has always strived to inculcate a sprit of enquiry and the desire to excel in its students. This noble school has always aimed to impart a value based education system, to foster a passion for learning, to encourage empowerment and to instil a sprit of tolerance. Thus, as someone inspired by his Alma Mater, I welcome you all to join our family and be a part of the phenomenon called MCKV.”

Rajatesh Pradhan (XII A)
School Captain 

Ankit Mondal (XI A)
School Vice Captain 
  RedCaptainIshan SharmaXII A
 Vice CaptainPiyush BhalotiaXI B
 PrefectsAnish ShawXII A
  Yash SadaniXII C
  Gulshan MohlaXI A
  Satyam MundhraXI D
  BlueCaptainYashah KediaXII A
 Vice CaptainAmarnath MishraXI A
 PrefectsUdit ShyamsukhaXII A
  Dewansh SharmaXII C
  Amitesh Kr JhaXI C
  Aritra PaulXI B
 GreenCaptainRitwik VermaXII A
 Vice CaptainYuvraj SuranaXI C
 PrefectsHrithik AgarwalXII A
  Raghav BinnaiXII B
  Anish SharmaXI B
  Lokesh AgarwalXI B
YellowCaptainSumit DeoraXII A
 Vice CaptainPrayog BothraXI D
 PrefectsUmang BhutoriaXII A
  Gopal AgarwalXII C
  Rishi AgarwalXI A
  Aniket SoniXI B
 Student EditorMd. Humanyun KabirXII A
 Assistant Student EditorSoham GhatakXI A