A Peace Poem Competition

Published on: 27 Apr 2022

Atma-Ropana: Heal the Soul

A Peace Poem Competition 

English, these days, is much more than just a language that people need to know or learn. It is THE most important mode of communication in today’s world.

On the occasion of World English Language Day, our students of Classes 6 and 7 gave expressions to their thoughts through a unique Peace Poetry Competition organized by the English Department. Students from our partner school, Takomari High School in Japan, had shared some heart-wrenching compositions on peace. These were recited in class, following which, our boys, too, penned brilliant poems and designed spectacular posters themed on healing the world. Our Japanese partner school international coordinator felt that the original compositions by MCKV students were ‘most eloquent and touching’.

 It was absolutely amazing to see how boys of the same age from across the world, so different in their upbringing and outlook, share the same dream of peace and harmony. This cross-cultural exchange was only possible because English has been successful in breaking all language barriers.