A sip of joy: MCKV students offer refreshing drinks to localites

Published on: 12 Apr 2022

On a hot scorching day, the most priceless thing for a tired pedestrian would be a precious glass of water, and if one adds Sattu to it, well nothing can absolutely beat it!

Our ever so thoughtful Social Service Committee organised a Sattu Sharbat drive on Tuesday, 12 April 2022, where the students of Class 8 offered ‘a sip of joy’ to all the exhausted and parched individuals who were out on the streets under the fiery sun. This drink is widely popular for rejuvenating one’s spirits and also known to harbour great health benefits. All of us felt immense pride to see our boys serving the drinks. Truly, they have evolved into sensitive, empathetic and compassionate citizens of the country.

This simple yet noble endeavour garnered much love, appreciation and blessings from the residents of Liluah. We plan to continue with this unique venture all through the summer.