Activities conducted in the Pre-Primary Section in September, October & November 2019

Published on: 17 Dec 2019

Ganesh Chaturthi: Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated on 3 September 2019. The children were taught Ganesh Vandana by the teachers. The children enjoyed watching the movie ‘Ganesha’.

Vishwakarma Puja:The children enthusiastically participated in groups in a vegetable printing on kites activity.

MCKV Vegetable Market: The use of role-play in teaching-learning can help students relate to situations of their own lives. A ‘Vegetable Market’ was organized inside the classroom.  The Pre-Nursery children took part in a role-play activity depicting a market scene. The children were taught not to use plastic bags. Paper bags  were provided to them for shopping.

 Purple Day:  To help children understand the colour purple, the teachers brought various purple coloured objects and used them for activities during the circle time. The classroom bulletin board was also decorated with purple coloured objects.  

Road Safety Awareness: To create awareness among the children about road safety rules, a   role- play was performed in the AV room.

 Durga Puja Celebration: The children assembled in the AV room and danced to the beats of ‘Dhak’.  A short video on Durga Puja was shown to the children. A class party was also organized for the children.

Pink Day: The ‘Pink Day’ was observed by displaying pink coloured objects in the class. Children were dressed in pink coloured clothes. They participated in a variety of hands-on activities related to the identification of the colour pink.

Tree Craft: In a corner of the classroom, the children displayed a branch of a tree. It was painted by them. Then, they attached twigs and dry leaves to it. An artificial nest was also created. The teachers explained the reason for changes in the colour of the leaves. This is one of the sensory development activities for the children which strengthen their fine and gross motor skills.

Health and Hygiene: The children were explained the difference between healthy food and junk food. Awareness was created among the children to keep them clean by demonstrating how to wash their hands with soap.

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