Bagless Day for Class 5

Published on: 01 Aug 2022

In keeping with the vision and mission statement of the school, it is one of our primary objectives to ensure holistic development and learning, in a joyful environment. A heavy bag has been a debatable topic for ages. The NEP 2020 recommends that all children must experience a minimum of ten bagless days in a year. This unique bagless day project was adopted for the students of Class 5.

On every academic Day 1, the students of a particular section of Class 5 have been exempted from bringing any books or notebooks to class. Instead of focusing on rote-learning, lessons are being designed in such a way that students get an opportunity to practically experience the things learnt in books and to acquire important life skills.

On 25 July 2022, a series of activities was planned in accordance with the daily schedule for Class 5A. Students went for a Nature Walk, learnt about plants and planted saplings in the Science period. Next, they visited  the school infirmary, and measured and recorded the height and weight of their peers during the Math period. Students were guided how to gather and analyze data with the help of the daily attendance register. During break, Class 5A also assisted in the canteen and later calculated the sale-proceeds. In the Physical Education class, students learnt and explored 2D shapes through various postures. Language classes were exciting too, as students narrated their amazing experiences of the day.

We look forward to adopting this project as an ongoing one. Each section of Class 5 will get to experience this concept of  bagless days once a month. We firmly believe that our boys will benefit widely from this kind of exposure. After all, our boys are the future of our nation and it our duty to ensure that they grow up to be problem solvers and critical thinkers in a healthy and stress-free environment.