Bhai Dooj Celebrations by the Interact Club

Published on: 28 Oct 2022

A bond between a brother and a sister is nothing like any other. Apart from being best friends and confidants, they are fiercely protective of each other, and often the ‘go-to’ person for each other in times of adversity. Bhai Dooj is a day to celebrate this unique partnership.

The Interact Club of MCKV and the Social Service Group organised a visit to the Mahajibon Shelter on 28 October 2022 to celebrate Bhai Dooj (also called Bhai Phota in Bengal). The shelter is a home for underprivileged girls and our Interactors ensured that the day is filled with joy and surprises for the little girls.

The resonating musical programme staged by the Interactors was much appreciated. The energetic ambience motivated the amazing audience to sing and dance along with the Interactors. Various games and recreational activities were conducted that captured their attention and hearts. The day ended with a lavish lunch that the Interactors served to the girls of the shelter.

The splendid celebrations helped foster everlasting bonds and made the day an unforgettable experience for our boys and the Mahajibon Shelter residents.