Birdwatching Trip to Santragachi Jheel for MCKV Children

Published on: 27 Jan 2024

M. C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth, in collaboration with the Birdwatchers’ Society, organized the second phase of Walk by Sound, a birdwatching trip at Santragachhi Jheel on 27 January 2024.

This excursion was organized for Class 6 students to observe and identify more than 3000 migratory birds that have flown thousands of miles from Central Asia, Mongolia, China and European countries to escape the harsh winter. The members of the Birdwatchers’ Society helped the students sight the different varieties of birds like Gadwalls, Gargeneys, Lesser Whistling Ducks, and many others through their powerful binoculars. Besides nurturing patience, admiration for nature and its beautiful creations, this short field trip developed a sense of social responsibility among our students for creating an environment for birds to live under the care of nature. They also realized the value of waterbodies and why we should keep them free from pollution.