Children's Day 2023 at MCKV

Published on: 16 Nov 2023

M. C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth celebrated Children's Day for its dear children. On the morning of 14 November 2023, students experienced the magic of Children's Day through a heartfelt video featuring messages from our Director, Principal, Headmaster and Co-ordinators, interspersed with a spirited musical presentation by our teachers.

Reaching out to the less privileged children of the locality, the Interact Club of the school organized a sit and draw competition at the Children's Care Centre (Milk Club), Howrah Maidan. Besides arranging refreshments for all the children, the winners of the competition were awarded with prizes, making the moment extra special.

The celebrations at MCKV continued on 16 November 2023, where young minds of Classes 5 and 6 were challenged through a quiz. Students of Classes 7 and 8 were captivated by a story session on the Ramayana conducted by Mr Janardan Ghosh.

Teachers in the junior section shared insights, through videos and discussions about the significance of this momentous day with our boys.

Adding a sweet touch to the merrymaking, students were treated to ice creams, making Children's Day 2023 a delightful memory for all.