Heritage Tour by MCKVians

Published on: 03 Feb 2024

The Department of History of M. C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth, in collaboration with Purono Kolkatar Golpo, organized a heritage tour on 3 February 2024. The tour provided a fascinating exploration of the historical landmarks in and around Dalhousie, Kolkata. 31 students of Class 7 were a part of this unique experience. The itinerary encompassed visits to St. John's Church, General Post Office (GPO), B.B.D Bag, Writers’ Building, Commissionarate, and the Reserve Bank of India Museum (RBI Museum).

At St. John's Church, students learnt about the beginning of Christianity in Kolkata and its profound socio-cultural impact. The RBI Museum provided valuable insights into the evaluation and significance of currency. The expedition continued at the iconic Writers’ Building, the GPO and other administrative buildings that resiliently preserve the echoes of India's colonial history from the British era. Our young explorers absorbed these historical narratives, establishing a connection with the remnants of Kolkata's past.

The heritage tour proved to be a successful amalgamation of education and revisiting a bygone era, fostering appreciation for the cultural and historical heritage of our city. Apart from connecting classroom teachings to tangible historical artifacts, this initiative instilled a sense of pride and respect for our rich heritage.