Interactive Session With the Parents of Class 2

Published on: 26 Nov 2023

Researches have time and again proved that early childhood development has a direct relation to a child's long-term health, school attainment levels and a happy life. Parents who know about their child's developmental milestones are often better equipped to provide adequate support and care, create healthy habits, and form stronger ties.

With this objective, the Wellness Centre of MCKV conducted a special session for the parents of Class 2 students on 25 November 2023. Dr Apala Chatterjee, Ms Mousumi Chowdhury, the School Counsellors along with Ms Soumi Banerjee, the Special Educator, interacted with our parents and helped them understand  age-specific developmental milestones and shared valuable tips on how to help their wards to reach them. Through videos and presentations, they were encouraged to be more alert in observing their children and seek for help, without hesitation, if the need arises.

The session proved to be extremely rewarding for our parents and together we look forward to shaping a healthy and happy future for our boys.