Interactive Session with the Parents of Class I

Published on: 04 May 2024

Mental health plays a pivotal role in shaping a child's future and well-being. However, despite its significance, mental health issues in children are often overlooked. To do away with the taboos associated with mental health, an interactive session on Childhood Mental Disorders, led by our psychologist, Mr Amitabh Mohan, was organized for the parents of Class 1 on 4 May 2024.

Mr Mohan presented an overview of common mental disorders that can manifest in childhood including ADHD, anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorder, and mood disorders. He emphasized that early detection and intervention are crucial for managing these conditions effectively. Parents were educated on the symptoms associated with various childhood mental disorders and encouraged to accept and seek help before it is too late. Additionally, parents were advised on self-care practices to ensure they can support their children effectively while managing their own well-being.

The session concluded with an engaging question and answer segment allowing parents to seek clarification.

With mental health being a top priority in MCKV, we look forward to building happier and healthier children in the days to come.