MCKV celebrates Children's Day 2022

Published on: 14 Nov 2022

Ask anyone, and they will tell you that nothing in this world is more precious than the unadulterated smile and the unconditional love of a child. In the calendar of a school, 14 November is THE most important day. After all, it is on this day we celebrate those priceless treasures of our lives, who are the heart of our institution.

MCKV buzzed with activities on Children’s Day 2022. The day began with a special assembly where teachers stepped into the shoes of our students and made them feel special right from the word go. The excellent assembly set the tone for the day. Teachers across all levels presented a bouquet of mesmerizing items for the students. Much to the delight of the children, fun filled activities, joy rides, class parties and adventure games were organized. However, as always, it is the teachers’ performances that the students look most forward to, and like always, this time too, the programme was a winner. Be it the melodious songs, the peppy dance numbers, or the hilarious skits and the riveting instrumental presentation, our audience cheered and clapped the loudest in a long time. A special mention must be made of Magic Mania, where our teachers donned the hats of magicians and performed incredible tricks.

 The gleaming eyes and the broadened smiles of our students reflected their joy and happiness, and weighs way above any word of appreciation. The day will always be cherished in years to come.


Happy Children’s Day!