MCKV celebrates Teachers’ Day

Published on: 05 Sep 2022

Teachers are those compasses that activate the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils. With this thought resonating in the hearts, the students of MCKV, dedicated a special day to show their gratitude and love towards the shapers of their destiny, their teachers.

 The bright morning began with teachers literally walking on the red carpet. A special assembly was organized exclusively by the students,  which featured a heart-touching recitation of a self-composed poem by our Assistant Editor, Sreejit Dey, an engaging conversation highlighting the importance of teachers in our lives and a foot-tapping instrumental presentation. In a unique endeavour, students assumed the different roles that teachers play throughout the day. Be it taking attendance, managing the well-being centre, or ensuring the safe dispersal of students, our seniors boys did it all! At the end of the day, teachers were gifted with a personalised bookmark which etched a special place in their memory and heart.

 Though no words or gifts can ever repay the contribution of  our teachers in improving the lives of our students, the small attempt to make them feel special was much cherished and appreciated.