Published on: 03 Feb 2023

It is often said that change is the only constant in our lives. This was especially evident on 3 February 2023, when the management, teachers and students of class 11 gathered to take party in the farewell party hosted for Class 12 (ISC 2023). To see the little cocoons metamorphose into talented and capable individuals ready to take on the world was indeed an experience stirred with nostalgia and pride.

The event was truly special, be it the dulcet tunes of the instrumental presentation or the groovy beats of the dance performance – there was something for all senses! Chairman Sir and Director Sir inspired the gathering by sharing their experiences and thoughts for the students. The interactive quiz hosted by our school vice captain, Uday Kumar Bansal, left everyone reminiscing the beautiful memories made during the school years. A game of “Guess What” presenting iconic scenes from popular shows added a novelty to the event. What followed was a video presentation capturing those teary eyed moments of childlike radiance. The address by the School Captain, Hiten Golchha, perfectly encapsulated the multitude of feelings that the students were experiencing in those moments. The day also witnessed the release of the yearbook of Class 12, Vistas 2023.

The perfect mix of nostalgia over a bygone past and a yearning for an untrodden future concluded the event with a vote of thanks from the Alpha House Captain, Siddharth Kr. Dugar. However, as the word Nuovo Inizio exemplifies, it is not just a time to bid adieu to a familiar past, but also a time to welcome the ‘new beginnings’ of life for ‘to make an end is to make a beginning.’