Online Exhibition Debate

Published on: 10 Jun 2020

‘Deliberation and debate is the way we stir the soul of our democracy.’

Today, when the entire world is fighting the pandemic of Coronavirus disease, what has been the role of social media in our lives? Do social media provide solace or grounds for misinformation?Keeping these questions in mind, the English Department of M.C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth hosted a one–of–its–kind online Exhibition Debatetocollaborate and create cogent discourses on the motion ‘Social media should be banned during a pandemic.’ This unique programme took place on Saturday, 6th of June at 11:00a.m. on Zoom webinarwith the wholehearted encouragement and support from Mr Kishan Kumar Kejriwal, our honourable Chairman, and Mrs Mallika Mukherjee, the Headmistress. The debate was chaired and moderated by Mr BiswajitMajumdar, the Head of the English Department. The speakers for the event were the teachers of the English Department and the senior school students of MCKV. They exhibited great oratorical skills and displayed confidence in presenting their arguments before the audience.The invigorating words of appreciation from the Chairman rejuvenated not only the debaters but also the wonderful audience who enjoyed the programme thoroughly. The Exhibition Debate was indeed an enthralling experience for the speakers as well as for the viewers.