Self-regulation and Meditation: An Interactive Session with the Parents of Class 11

Published on: 20 Jan 2024

On 20 January 2024, the Wellness Centre of MCKV conducted an engaging and interactive session for the parents of Class 11 students, focusing on the need of self-regulation and meditation in the uphill task of raising a well-rounded teenager.

Dr Apala Chatterjee and Ms Mousumi Chowdhury, the School Counsellors, aimed to equip parents with valuable tools to navigate the challenges of parenting teenagers and simultaneously strengthen bonds among the members of the family. The session highlighted the necessity of a measured and composed parental response in the context of parenting adolescents and offered practical strategies to help parents cultivate emotional resilience. Parents were also helped in adopting the techniques of mindful meditation and stress management.

 Our parents found the session extremely relevant and we believe their takeaways from the session would positively impact their relationships with their wards.