Session End Notice (2020-2021)

Published on: 10 Feb 2021

NOTICE-Session End/20-21/805   
Dear Parents,
Kindly go through the following important information carefully:                                                                                                        

1. Final Assessments:

  • The Final Assessment schedule


 Starting Date

 Ending Date

 1 to 4



 5 to 8









  • Parents are advised not to plan journeys on the last day of the exams as given the uncertain times we live in, unexpected developments might necessitate the rescheduling of the final exams.
  • The Final Assessment marks for Classes 5 to 8 Set I and Set II will be released online on 17 March 2021 at 9.00 a.m., Class 9 on 15 March 2021 and Class 11 on 11 March 2021, at 9.00 a.m.

2. Result Day:

  • Pre-Nursery, Nursery and K.G. result will be sent in the form of e-certificate through the registered email ID of either of the parent on Tuesday, 16 March 2021. Please check your mail after 9.30 a.m.
  • Results will be available online at 9.30 a.m. as per the schedule.

Classes 1 to 4: Tuesday, 16 March 2021.

Classes 5 to 8: Tuesday, 23 March 2021.

Class 9 : Thursday, 18 March 2021

Class 11 : Tuesday, 15 March 2021.

  • Parents are requested to print the results as per the instructions for future reference as the school is not in a position to provide hard copy of results.
  • The results of the Final Assessments are FINAL and will not be altered under any circumstances. The school will not entertain any discussion on this matter.

3. Re-opening of School in the Academic Year 2021-2022: (All the under noted dates are tentative subject to change with day’s notice depending on the directives of the State Government.)






 8.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.



 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

 K.G., 1 & 2


 8.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

 3 to 9


 8.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.



 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.



 8.30 a.m. to 10.45 a.m.

  • These timing for Pre-Nursery and Nursery will continue until Friday, 9 April 2021.
  • Normal classes with regular timing will resume:
  • for Pre-Nursery & Nursery from Monday, 12 April 2021.
  • for K.G. to Classes 3 to 9 from Tuesday, 6 April 2021,
  • for Class 10 from Tuesday, 23 March 2021
  • for Class 12 from 18th March 2021,

4. Withdrawal/Transfer Certificate:

  • If a parent wishes to withdraw his child from the school, she/he should apply on or before 17 March 2021.  Any parent applying after 17 March 2021 will be required to pay a month’s fee, i.e., the tuition fee for April 2021.
  • A Transfer Certificate will be issued on the receipt of online application from the parent after payment of all school dues and online payment of Rs. 100/- for the Transfer Certificate application form.

5. Attendance on Closing and Re-Opening Days:

  • Attendance on closing and re-opening days is compulsory.
  • If a student is seriously ill and cannot come to school on the re-opening day, either of his parents (not a messenger) must come to school on that day and submit an application supported by a medical certificate.
  • The names of those students who remain absent after reopening of term will be struck off the rolls on 12/04/21, and the vacancies thus created will be given to wait-listed candidates.

6. Summer Vacations 2021-2022:

  • Summer vacations will start from Saturday, 14 May 2021. The school will re-open on Monday, 7 June 2021.

7. School Shoes - A Reminder:

  • In the Academic Year 2021 - 2022, all the students, including Classes 11 and 12, will wear only the prescribed Reebok brand shoes available at Schoolmate, 243, G.T. Road, Laxminiketan Building,  Liluah, Howrah.
  • No other brand will be allowed in order to maintain uniformity.

8. Parent-Teacher Meetings:

  • Please refer to page no. 27 of the School Diary of the Academic Year 2021-2022 for information on the system to be followed for Parent-Teacher meetings.

9. Contagious and Infectious Diseases:

  • Parents are advised NOT to send their wards to school when they are sick or infected with contagious diseases (conjunctivitis, jaundice, mumps, chicken pox, measles, etc). Given the seriousness of situation we are living in at present, if any student is found to be suffering from cold, cough or fever, he will be kept in an isolation room till any of his family member comes to take him back home.

 10 Sale of Books and Stationery:

  • Parents who wish to purchase books & stationery need to place order online as per their requirements on or after result dates. The Book list of 2020-2021 for respective classes will be same for the session 2021-2022. Detailed information about it will be issued in due course of time. Please pay the fees for the month of April 2021 before placing order for purchasing of books & stationery

 11. School Uniform:

  • For consistency, the uniform must be purchased only from vendors mentioned in the school diary on page no. 31

 12 Online Payment of Fee – A Reminder:  

  • From the new session, all modes of payment will be strictly online. No cash or cheque transaction will be made available to the parents. No fee book will be issued.