Welcoming Goddess Durga the MCKV way

Published on: 30 Sep 2022

Amidst the pulsating beats of dhak,  the resonating echoes of the conch shells, the enchanting fragrance of kashful, the traditional dhunuchi nach and each heart chanting ‘pujo asche’, MCKV ushered in the festive season in its own unique way.

The morning of 29 September 2022, began with a special assembly marking the beginning of the biggest festival of West Bengal, Durga Pujo. The top-notch dance performances and the rhythmic instrumental presentation deserve a special mention.

The second half of the day was devoted to quintessential Bengali traditions that are synonymous to Durga Pujo- adda, music and food. The sombre atrium was transformed into a flamboyant food court, where decked up staff members enjoyed themselves partaking the mouth-watering treats. Live music was played in the background adding to the ambience. From appetizers to desserts and every thing in between was available in the makeshift food stalls. However, team Fast & Fresh with their tasty ‘Potata’ and yummy ‘Chinese Bhel’, won the day with our Chairman declaring it to be the best stall in the food court.

As the day concluded a different kind of inexplicable happiness and hope filled our hearts. Truly, the celebration was so much more than an expression of religious belief, it represented the very soul of the MCKV way of life.