Words Can Heal or Hurt: An Interactive Session for the Students of Class 5

Published on: 05 Feb 2024

The power of words is profound and it has an influential force that shapes human experiences, relationships, and societies. Understanding the impact of words is crucial in fostering effective communication, building meaningful connections, and contributing to a harmonious and empathetic world. With the intent of helping our students recognize the importance of what they speak, Dr Apala Chatterjee and Ms Mousumi Chowdhury, the School  Counsellors, conducted a session on ‘Words Can Heal or Hurt’ for the students of Class 5 on 5 February 2024.

The session aimed at spreading awareness regarding the impact of what one speaks on themselves and others. The session also highlighted the magic of constructive conversation. Interactive activities and group discussions enabled students to develop a sense of responsibility in what and how they speak. We hope that the session will reap long-term benefits contributing to a culture of positivity, kindness, understanding, and empathy among the students.