Non-scholastic Activities

Activities and Clubs are an important part of our school curriculum. The main purpose of these non-scholastic activities is to give our children an opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh themselves after concentrated academics. Play is a very important feature of childhood, and a variety of physical activities enable the children to develop their muscles and improve their kinesthetic coordination. As a result, children eagerly wait for and take part in these activities.

We offer the following non-scholastic disciplines:


Art & Craft, Badminton, Basketball, Chess & Carrom, Clay Modeling, Cricket, Drums, Football, Guitar, Karate, Keyboard, NCC, Scout, Skating, Tabla, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Dance, Dramatics, French, Robotics, Nature Club


Clay Modeling, Computer, Dance, Literary (English/Hindi/Bengali/French/Dramatics), Music (Drum/Keyboard/Guitar/Tabla/Vocal/Violin), Maths, Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology), Sports (Badminton/Basketball/Carrom/Chess/Karate/Skating/T.T./Football/Volleyball), Robotics and MCKV Debating Circle.