The mountains are calling, and we must go.

Published on: 12 Jul 2023

"The mountains are calling, and we must go."

And so, we answered the call. On 14th May 2023, we set out for New Jalpaiguri Junction via the Vande Bharat Express. Reaching the junction, we advanced to Dhotrey, via Maneybhanjan. We began the trek from Dhotrey, it was raining but it could not deter the enthusiastic spirits of the youngsters. We walked 5 Kms in rain to reach Tumling via Tonglu. We walked amidst the dense green cover all around, and for the first time ever enjoyed the silence and calm surrounding us. Spending the night there, we witnessed the beautiful sunrise from amongst the clouds the next morning. Next day we trekked to Kalipokhri via Gairibas, which was the longest trek day, and we covered a 15 km distance on unpaved, uphill track. and finally on the last day to Sandakphu.  Every passing milestone gave us an additional packet of energy. More than just a trek it was a learning curve, we encountered and realized the actual meaning behind the saying, “The best view comes after the hardest climb". The view of the Sleeping Buddha, surrounded by the clouds was just mesmerising. Trekking is a way of life, we discovered. Sometimes it's an ascent, sometimes it's a descent. Sometimes you feel over excited, sometimes you feel tired, however, to be consistent and to keep moving ahead is the key. If you think you are leading, soon you will discover that someone is leading you as well.

The trek being completed, we climbed down to Siliguri. The trek was a complete delight, the cherry on the top being the Jungle Safari at Siliguri on the last day.

Vedanshu Meharia, Class 12 A