Whispering Voyage

Published on: 12 Jul 2023

In the sleepless night, my mind took flight,
Dreaming of a journey, both dark and bright.
As the morning dawned, excitement arose,
Gearing up for the unknown, where it all goes.

Through highs and lows, we ventured on,
Unaware of our destination, till it dawned.
Weary on the peaks, hesitant in the lows,
But with every break, resilience arose.

To encounter Sandakphu, making it all worthy though,
Feeling alive, a majestic presence
A symphony of colours catching my eyes,
The sunrise painted the canvas heavenly.

Consistency taught us the value of time,
Taking small steps, the rhythm sublime.
In the film of slowness, we found our guide,
Amongst the bold, we dared to stride.

Sometimes leading, sometimes led astray,
Companions influenced our path each day.
Choose wisely those who surround your soul,
For they can inspire or make you lose control.

No true friends exist in this transient place,
Moments deceive, masks hide every face.
Appreciate solitude, discover your true zest,
In self-embrace, you'll find your best.

Upon reaching the destination I sought,
No grand fanfare, just a tranquil spot.
Chilled winds whisper secrets of the way,
Amidst the bustling crowd, peace holds sway.

The journey taught me more than the end,
Lessons learned, cherished like a dear friend.
Through highs and lows, I discovered my might,
In solitude's comfort, I found my light.

And that’s what the trek was, every lesson taught...


Vedanshu Meharia, Class 12 A