An ode to teachers.....

Published on: 11 Sep 2023

An ode to teachers.....

You shaped our speech,

Taming the chaos, grammar you'd teach.

From hesitant phrases to eloquence we'd crave,

You made us say, "In language, we're brave!"


Tales from yore,

Shakespeare's brilliance and so much more.

From Macbeth’s hamartia to Portia’s grand save,

You made us say, "In stories, we're brave!"


Languages so dear,

With stories and poems that grew so clear.

From stumbling recitals to poetic wave,

You made us say, "In words, we're brave!"


Laws of the universe that lie vast,

Unveiling forces that will forever last.

From puzzled gazes to science's enclave,

You made us say, "In physics, we're brave!"


Elements in a dance,

Molecules' secrets you'd enhance.

From confusion in compounds to reactions' rave,

You made us say, "In chemistry, we're brave!"


The world of numbers and more,

Equations and theorems, a logical core.

From math anxiety to solutions we'd crave,

You made us say, "In math, we're brave!"


Life's intricate dance,

From cells to ecosystems, a scientific stance.

From vague queries to understanding's pave,

You made us say, "In biology, we're brave!"


Ages past you'd unfold,

Stories of conquests, and stories untold.

From ignorance of timelines to knowledge's wave,

You made us say, "In history, we're brave!"


Maps with lands so wide,

Topography's details, from mountains to tide.

From getting lost to global paths we'd pave,

You made us say, "In geography, we're brave!"


Codes and algorithms you'd render,

Opening doors to a digital contender.

From keyboard struggles to programming's rave,

You made us say, "In coding, we're brave!"


Markets' rise and fall,

Supply, demand, answering the call.

From financial fog to commerce's pave,

You made us say, "In economics, we're brave!"


The realm of trade and more,

Numbers and strategies at the core.

From business confusion to profits we'd crave,

You made us say, "In commerce, we're brave!"


Health's noble quest,

Sportsmanship and fitness, at your behest.

From unsteady steps to vitality's pave,

You made us say, "In P.E., we're brave!"


With passion and wisdom, our paths you'd renew,

On this Teacher's Day, our gratitude we present to you!

For making us brave, so brave and true,

Thank you, dear teachers, our voices raise to you!

Utkarsh Raj, Class 11 A